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Date: April 20th 1900

Bloemfontein, South Africa

April 20th, 1900


Dear Brother I received your jolly note glad to hear of you being well as I am enjoying the best of health is that a pleasant complaint to be bothered with well now for the questions the Chocolate boxe's of all the boys in the Coy were put in one large box & shipped to Toronto and from there by a good reliable man to the homes of the boys parents mine will arrive all in good time tell them not to get uneasy about it it will get there tell them it lay in Cape Town for a long time before it was shipped there is no special bodyguard for Lord Roberts only the staff and every regiment here that furnishes the guard for 24 hours write and tell me if you folks got them stamps I sent there is lots of news sent home that are lies yes the boers use Mauser bullets but they are not the explosive the explosive is a bulled pluged in the end when it strikes anything it expands and the hole it comes out is far larger than where it goes in the dum-dum is another bad one makes an awful wound they make a hole big enough to hurt I have seen a few deer that is all good for old oliver the town got even for once he is a stamp of a Boer lots of gass & Beer like a Barbers cat all piss & wind but nothing else I would to get him out here when these people like oliver lime kiln are so great sympathysers why dont they come out here & show what they are made of send him out here we will give him a free pass to the Boer lines we want a lot like him to chace as he is good & long in the legs he could keep up with the rest of his kidney all the Boers but the good runners are caught and we would want a few grey hounds to catch the rest they are something like that pig Dick Hamonora used to tell about doctor Manleys hounds could not catch if Mr Brown was out here he would not have so much to say if ever I get home & he talks Boer I will hurt him Just as shure as his name is Brown he is a traitor a sneak & a liar and I can prove it but then he is a fool. Good boy old Charlie Gordon it is a pity there was not more like him I will bring him home a present for that something that will make him remember having a Boer under subjection to british rule old lime kiln would squeal when you meet him yell work good by e love to all