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Date: April 20th 1900

Bloemfontein, South Africa

April 20th, 1900

Dear Mother

I received two more of your letters one dated March 14th another of the 18th and am glad to hear of all being well & hearty at home well have no fears about my chocalate box as it is going home in a large box with all the boxes of C. Coy and a good friend of mine in toronto will forward it as soon as it arrives if one goes stray all will be the same and the gent that is found with one will smart but have no fear you will get it all right I am sending you some squash seeds today and a couple of badges one of the Cameron Highlanders another belonging to a core that was in that disastrous fight at Aryuba Hill when the boers licked a few British in 82 or some such date I am going on the railroad firing the Military are running all roads seems queer to see soldiers running everything still address my letters the same 1st contingent R.C.R. where did you get the news of the canucks being on Lord roberts bodyguard we are doing garrison duty here in Bloemfoatein that is all there are lots of Batt doing the same we have nice weather at present those squash seeds are for you the knife for Nellie the badges for Willie & Maggie I sent Joe his share before yours will come when I arrive as I cannot send it by post it is too large & might get broken that was quite a blowing up the paper gave me they make too much of a do about nothing well I have no news I sent you more in another so good by love to all