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Date: April 12th 1900

Bloemfontein, S. A.

April 12th, 1900

Dear Mother

I received you letter of the 18th iust glad to hear of all being well dont think anything of not getting any word from me when I was on the march for it was impossible for me to write for we were on the move night & day and then there was no way of sending word until after the Pardeberg fight I sent two letters from there so I guess you have them before this and I have written a lot from here I sent home some Orange Tree state stamps have a few things for Joe I am going to send and for all I am going to get a small box some badges and other things I have carried through the war so far I am going to send them from here I will never have a better chance as postal is pretty handy well I have no news only I am well getting lots to do eat drink & wear what more do I want out here I have plenty of money it is hardly kneeded for we get [???] except an occasional loaf of bread or tin of condenced milk all we want now to make us all perfectly happy is to hear the word about turn quick march for home. but we are here and we will have to make the best of it our Batt may not go any further than here some have to stay here to garrison this place I hope it is our Brigade but they may think we have not done enough and push us into it again we will have to take our chances the same as the rest I hope that the second contingent is coming up to Join the crowd they are keen to see some scrapping let them at it they will soon be well fed on it Just the same as some of our gang now they are the keenest to get home I was quite satisfied to stay on the line of communication but that was too much of a snap you have very little to do at that Job well the weather is fine is Cousin Maggie home yet keep her until I get home as I would like to see her give my best respects to every body I will close with love to all from