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Date: February 9th 1900

Belmont, South Africa

February 9th, 1900


Dear sister I received your letter and am glad to hear all are well & you got the school at home Willie sent me a line I am glad to hear from all I hardly hear a bit of canadian news only just what I get from the other boys send me a times I would like to see one about my clothes I shipped them home by express from Toronto to Joe they must be at the express office if they are not there they must of been stolen you may expect any time in march to hear of us moving for home this racket will soon be over the treachery of the enemy is quite true and firing on the ambulance hospital anything they can see they are cruel not only that they are cowards abuse women & children and no man would do that not in the British service for it would not be allowed if ever I get another chance I will have satisfaction I have really nothing new only answer all letters if I can I have much time for writing but always time to write home so good bye love to all