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Date: December 15th 1942

Dec 15/42

Dear Willie

Well here I am answering your letter and I should be doing a lot of work you see we write exams on Monday so it would help [?]started cracking any day now. My segments are still pretty and there is no second chance here.
It is rather nice that you got posted to Portage [?] every now and then okay aye. I hear the station isn't bad.
I'll admit that [?] aren't worth a worth a fort in a windstorm and really a good healthy [?] would blow them away. But still it is rather amusing to play about in them. I've got 50 hours in now and 5 of my ten hours [?] 5 hours and 3 hours nite flying.
Damn near left my lower starboard wing strung up in a tree one day. These forced landings you know Course the height is 200 ft but this was an exception, tall tree. My instructor and al were playing knots and crosses the other day. It is really fun [?] after a fresh snow You make wheel marks align them and you can really have a good game. All the deer have been scared to hell out of the solo lying areas so now Manitoba is [?] with a milk & cream shortage around here anyway. Gawd some of those cows can run. They've been washing the bays out right and left. I am expecting a trip to France for the winter anytime now. They have been giving the boys shit for low flying lately.
Okay so who all got mapped of at Moonshark in the [?]. I've 6 were.
We haven't had much excitement here of late. One guy got tangled up in 8 strings of telephone wire the other nite he missed the flight tower by 5 feet (27000 volts) it ruined the appearance of the [?] but he being a big "Zin" only got a "slimmer".
Is border the home of pretty women? That will have to be investigated slowly as I haven't seen anything that could even be termed a woman.
We graduate on 28th here. You had better come to our party it is around that date. Then we get to go home. Gawd I'll bet you really have a felleva time. Bluck Austman & Smitty & yourself [?] hell I'll let things happen. (not as they should either) why not the whole [?] you drop in for our party.
Say have you been up to see Olga from the [?] when I was in on that 48 a long time ago I saw Marion, she said they had moved. I was invited up but didn't make it. I was to busy.
Well I've got to get working the [?] end of the class is to be wiped out so I'm afraid I've gotts to get cracking although I doubt if it will be any good.
Oh say old boy when I as in Regina last I heard that Chuck Wellman had to have a re-elect on his 20 hr. [?] How did he make out did you hear. Also a lot of the boys washed out. Devlin, Corriston, Bradley, [?], 4 of them. They were in course 6 I think.
That Bonley guy graduated Friday as a bombardier. Look him up and go on a drunk with him for me he's at 3 ADS. Well I'll sign off

As ever An Old Pal


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