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Date: April 13th 1900
Noble Jones


April 13th 1900

Tell Joe I am sending him a few trinkets in a little boy to be divided among and you all this the family only the knife and two watch chains for him


Dear Sister I am going to scribble you a few lines this is good Friday I am just off a church parade heard a nice little sermon by our chaplain he is a very nice man but not a very eloquent speaker but a good man well Nellie I have seen some queer subjects & sights since the morning we left you at the station some comical & some sad we have a Cape Colony Baboon with our Batt as a mascot & you bet he is a comical gent and then to see the boys in rows on a still hunt on their shirts & under clothing myself with the rest they are is big & fat as little oxen there is not much fun amongst the lads that is pretty well run down they generally have something else to think of but sometimes we have a little fun but most spare time is used in writing home as that takes a little time

Write soon

I guess one of these days old Kruger will hear something fall that will give him a starter watch the papers about the 24th of May and you will hear or read something that will warm every Britishers heart & make him smile certainly somebody has got to pay the penelty all victories are not gained without someone going under I hear there is a draft of 125 men coming out to fill up some of the gaps in our Batt well all I can say is I am sorry for the poor beggars we are having grand weather could not be better not near so hot it is coming on the winter season out in this miserable country it is one of the prettiest places I have struck yet that is Bloemfontein but I would not live here for all the gold in S.A. well I am enjoying the best of health at present I got word from steve I have answered it give my best respects to Cousin Maggie. how is the Post office gabby as next week expect to see doctor ]?]

good bye love to all