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Date: April 12th 1900
Noble Jones



April 12th 1900


Dear brother I am sending you a few trinkets as I dont think I will have a better chance a couple of watch charms look through first and see the [?] seen then press the little spring that the ring is in and you will see everything that is to be seen in Bloemfontein they are from Johannesberg I got them for two shillings apeace and the knife for two you can have more fun with them than anything you ever seen as the old saying goes just so cute keep them dont give them away for the senery is hard to get I just run up against them by chance I am trying to get a free state flag to send some badges of different cores and take good care of them did you ever hear anything of my clothes I sent home from toronto another said she wondered where they were I shipped them some one has commandeered than show willie the [?] I bet he will give [?] will Marshall & [?] you have something on the string have [?] met that heiress yet poor child are you [?] now I wish I had [?] out in this country cant touch anything without getting a [?] it is not safe and [?] have to go [?] most boys feel too [?] to ever think of the [?] well we have dandy [?] rained pretty heavy night but we had our tents so was dry or a bone guess the old mill is humming along wish I was there but hope to be before next winter as they cannot keep me longer than my twelve months I think we will see our years service all right and that means to the 25th of October and there we can lave independent but the war that is the actual fighting will be done in the next two months give my best respects to al the boys & girls I will close with love to all Noble