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Date: April 10th 1900
Noble Jones


April 10th 1900

Dear Mother

I received your very welcome letter am glad to hear of all being well hope Joe gets all his timber out wish I was there to help him but I guess it will be a while before I see home by the present reports I dont think we will be back by then as the war is not settled yet I expect more fighting in a little while but one cannot tell what is going on as all news is suppressed you hear more about the war than we do we only get it after it is about a month old dont be anxious about me as far as my health is concerned as I am in very good health and has pulled through so far without being sick of course I have to take my chances in a fight but I dont think the Canucks will very much more fight as the Batt is pretty well broken up and the Majority could not stand much more hard marching they are pushing up fresh troops and are going to give them a chance to distinguish themselves but if we get an order to move out I will let you know immediately the order is given we have our tents here now and every comfort that is [?] to have under the circumstances I have no news only we have grand weather and for war new I have now tell Maggie & Nellie if a nice present for them I am going to bring home an orange state flag and let you have a look at it I may send one dont be put out not getting any word from me the time I was on the march for it was impossible for me to write up at three on the move at five march until dark & sometimes all night and you bet when tommy got a minute to sleep we pounded our bed and made one hour into three tell willie I wont forget him when we start for home that is the time I will pick up a few things as I have no way of carting them around with me well all the news I have I am well and getting along fine at present tell Maggie not to fret I am coming home and you bet that is a lot to say I am not going to stay out here love to all Noble