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Date: May 3rd 1945

# 1 letter to Ceylon
WRITE SOON and often.
Love from all.
Can you get plenty of cigs. etc in Ceylon?

May 3rd. 1945
9 Wright St.
Saint John, N.B.

Dear Bill:

Your letter to Dad came on Monday and mine came to-day (dated April 17th.) I thought I would number my letters from now on, so you could tell if one got lost. This is my first to Ceylon so your mail is finally rolling in. you must have felt a lot better when you saw familiar handwriting at last. Since took the mail a long time to catch up with you. The news in Europe is excellent with V.E. Day not far off now. They are happening so fast now. Wish Mussolini & Hitler out of the way anything can happen. It seems so strange not to get [?] over big events now. They are happening so rapidly that they are becoming commonplace.
Things are going on fairly well at "Steel Towers" these days. We are without help now and your guess is as good as mine as to where we will get any. Hagel Bissman and her little boy went home to Sackville two weeks ago. They were kind of homesick and I didn't blame her and she didn't have to work and she had a nice little home there. Even though her husband made daily visits, it was not exactly home to them here. Sackville is so superior at this time of year.
The days are dragging by now for me and each task is harder each day. Doctor Brown says my veins are going to give me plenty of trouble before the time is up and I'm suppose to get off my feet, but how? That is the $ 64.00 question.
I made my last trip to town yesterday to get some pieces of clothing for hospital. I was afraid to leave it until later. Doctor B. says early in July, I can safely get every thing over with and it can't come to soon for me.
Brian is fine making splendid marks at school. Next week he performs at the Festival, the seems, so far as I can judge, to have the [?] in fine shape. He likes the "If" [?] much. It will be nice in the summer, for him to be able to go up and have a swim now and then. I'm afraid "Pascolace" is out of the question this year. Thirty six dollars is a lot of money for the month of July and one week is hardly worth while at ten or twelve. To me the hardest part of this whole situation is saying "no" to little ones, who do not understand. However things will get better as time goes on, if we do our best. We had to get Brian some new "duds" last week and is he proud of his new windbreaker, with [?] plaid select trim, new grey pants, cap etc. Mary Kay is still getting her eye exercises. To-morrow is her last try until we can fid someone to take her. She has to go between nine and ten A.M.

Wink is still in Chatham. No word of anymore for him yet, there is no flying at all at # 6 S. [?] bit I suppose there is clerical work still to be done. Dad is plugging away at his job and giving his best. I sometimes wonder why he ever came back here from Toronto, but I suppose we are stuck here now.
F.O.D and Armstrong was killed in action, I know he was a friend of yours, for he was in the B.of A. S. too.

Your "mascot" must be unique. I have never heard of a tortoise being used for that yet.

You are certainly seeing the world [?] Bill, but as you say there are a few people you miss and it would be great to "bring home the bacon to the wifey" and God willing you can do just that perhaps sooner that you expect. Keep your chin up "Gordy". There are those right here who miss you namely your mom. Love from all

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