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Date: March 25th 1945


March 25 - 45

My Darling,

Here's your bomb again making with a letter to Ben. It's Sunday today I'm told (never know what day it is these days) so I could call this the Sunday masterpiece according to [?] standards.

I haven't been able to write for the last two days so I intend to get busy and get in swing again. So far this morning I've been getting settled down a bit after all of our travels.

We had quite an interesting trip altho perhaps no in the best of comfort or class. It seems we changed trains enough times and that was always a pain. Upon arriving at a change over point there'd be boys of porters waiting to tote luggage around. They insist upon doing it too and its funny to watch them.

One kid about Bennie's size carried Scotty's massive trunk half way across the station on his head. That's the method of lifting + carrying in this country - on the head. One sees fellas taking tremendous loads that way and it's a good thing they have turbans to pad their skulls.

During the latter part of our ride we enjoyed some very nice scenery with [?] of grades and tunnels. The present joint I understand is at quite a latitude so I figure we must be in some hills.

We carry on our blankets while [?] in order to make a bed of sorts on the seats which usually have a little padding. On the whole traveling for a number of days wasn't the best idea I can think of. I'd sooner stay put but then ‘duty calls'.
Since I last wrote we've been pretty well on the go. Last night I was quite beat so I went to bed after supper.

I might say that it gets [?] warm in the day time here and yesterday I drank water + pop like a fish. I don't know when I've taken on more liquid. Our beras serve tea to us as we get up this a.m. He comes in a night before and asks when we when we want it. He also asks when we want each meal because he is suppose to accompany us to he mess and do the serving. The same lad does the other chores in the room as well, by sweeping, getting water and making beds etc.

The system of beras is much the same - in this country I take it. About one or two rooms to a [?].

Here, take [?] I see I'm going to have that old rust problem again. [??] are getting the jazz already so I guess I'll have to get some oil. Lots of us bought swords, [?] during our latest travels. A lot of lads would thrash over to meet the time to sell their knives and we had a[?] beating their price down. I have a [?] swords now and the rust is doing a job on it already.

Wish we could be together darling. I'm not particularly crazy about this Indian Café and I'll be only too glad to get oil of it. I prepared for quite a stay in these parts altho I hope it won't be so. I'm living in the day when I leave and aren't we all?

I love you so darling and I love being yours. How about a nice [?] loving? I'll be writing again before the day's over.

All my love


PS - I miss you - I miss my Bear

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