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Date: March 14th 1945


Mar, 14 - 45

My Darling:

Well, I picked up a juicy cold somewhere along the way and now I have [?] if sniffles. It seems odd to be having a cold in this climate, it's also odd not to be able to taste anything - curses.

This is our anniversary date for us. I see lovely Ben. Seven months of [?] married life - [?] you. Of course we haven't had 7 solid months together by a long shot, but hat we did have was just perfect. Just not trading you darling. I love you so.

I am looking forward to another holiday - the heat too - just teasing - well you and me. Goo is definitely the word.

At the moment [?] and I are in our tent which is our new house till we move chambers. Scotty and the rest of the crew are here as well - he's next door and the others are a bit scattered.

The meals here are worthy of mention I note, good food and I'm enjoying all of it (even tho I haven't any taste just now).

Today I've been staying around getting organized. I [?] some laundry, got a haircut, and new heels on my only shoes AND got some dough. Part of the morning Scotty, Vic & I spent shooting rocks with our revolvers. I see there's [?] of buzzards flying about - I think it's verboten to shoot them tho.

Moor and I have added to each of our [?] a very meat folding dagger. This morning we [?] out with knives, revolvers and [?] to have our pic taken. Should be quite a snap - which reminds me of my low stock of them. I'll have to be a little [?] I'm sure of getting one.

A few minutes ago I opened the envelope containing my photo album in order to have a look at my Ben. Yer very cute and [?] I could take you out of the snaps and kiss the toes off you. I love you.

This is definitely India - all the [?] wear nice looking turbans and long shirt [?] with wide belts. The people have very striking features - lots of white nice teeth etc. A few minutes ago our [??] came in the door with "Salsom Sahib". Two years ago if someone told me I'd be in the ‘sahib' country [?] have had their time.

Here I am any way and I rather like it in a way. It isn't too hot right now but when summer comes I guess we can expect red heat.

Living is quite expensive on a station here and for that reason we get our Indian allowance. Something along the lines of the colonial allowance in [??] to keep ahead of the game alright.

Cigarettes are quite a bit cheaper now then in England which is indeed a good show. In India we work on Rupees and arras for dough - a system which a little complex than English sterling.

While I was in having my shoes repaired today the [?] brings me this hookah for me to light. Wow what a smoke one of these makes - it's actually a bottle of water with a bowl of tobacco and a long stem at the top. When he puffs the smoke passes down thru the water before going up the stem. A fascinating way to smoke - I wonder if I can get a little one somewhere.

In the station tailor shop they make [?] of all sorts with beads and gold, silver braid. It's the same type of work as my hat badge. They're quite reasonable in price and if he can make up a smash-on VB type I'll be quite interested. They also make small simple wings for use on shirts and as souvenirs.

Since I've been here I've heard [?] of [?] about the scene on where we're likely to go and what type of flying we'll do. I shouldn't be surprised if we see the Burma front for a little operational action. [?] not too [?] having a sweet Bear like you to come home to.

I suppose our [?] will be some time yet [?] - [?] of waiting. It will be something to look forward to tho and we'll certainly enjoy it when the mail does come.

Already I have a little burn on the arms from this morning's trails so it shouldn't be long before the [?] is restored. I'll [?] to bring myself back (in colour) [?].

That's about all for now darling - will write again soon. I love you so much dear and I'm keeping my "chin up" for the day of ‘homecoming'.


NOTE the return address: RCAF INDIA

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