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Date: May 29th 1942

No. 32.

May 29, 1942

Dearest Mum

The above address really isn't correct for I have been, for almost a week now, at another station taking a special Course.

It should not, however, take too long - I hope it doesn't for after a Squadron these training places are - to use RAF slang, - a ‘bind' and I got fed up with this one soon after I arrived.

Besides, I miss any trips that Johnny might have during my absence, using another navigator - which doesn't please me.

In fact the only bright spot has been the amount of mail I have received; Jack has been forwarding it on to me from Bottesford. This morning I had four letters - from Fran, Dad, Auntie Flo and your own, Mums.

It certainly bucked me up considerably as they were all grand letters.

I loved ever so much Mumsy reading of how much you enjoyed having Fran with you in Calgary - from all she writes I know you all could not have helped but realize how much she loved being with you and how good a time she really had.

What grand times we should have Mum when we're all together again - just thinking of it makes a thrill throb right through me. It leaves behind just a little ache too but then we all have to bear that.

Fran has now added her plea to yours Mumsy for a photo of me in officer's uniform - perhaps I had better give in eh? Though it isn't too easy to get a good one taken these days - I'll see!

Just before coming here I had dinner in Grantham with Jeepers and a long chat. He looked ever so smart and seemed in the best of spirits though his "affairs des coeur" are evidently giving him plenty to think about! He's getting on very well with his flying, I'm going to have him teach me one day!

So Glenda insists on "Butch" does she? Wherever did she get that name from? Auntie Flo seems quite captivated by her and thinks you are doing a grand job - nothing to bringing up a girl though after us two is there Mum - or is there?

I am not really in need of shorts or anything Mums - thank you ever so much. Bryan, I think, does not receive any clothing coupons whereas I as an officer do - I'm sure I can't understand the reason why.

By the way, I'm still looking for Summer over here - Spring is one thing but one can have too much of one thing. When does it get warm? That's what I want to know!

Have spent a good deal of time reading lately - raced through Croner's "The Citadel" and parts of "The Stars Look Down" and have been for a week considerably preoccupied with John Ganther's "Inside Asia."

Keep smiling Mumsy dearest - oceans + oceans of love, hugs, and kisses


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