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Date: April 6th 1918
Willoughby, Charles

Saturday Apr 6th 1918

My Dear Mother:

Again I wish you many Happy returns of today. I do hope it is a most pleasant birthday for you and may it be the introduction to a most happy and prosperous year. I know I have wished you all these things before but I do so again, for that is how I feel today.

I received a birthday present from you this morning in the shape of your letter of Feb 27th and also an enclosure in Lorene's of Mar 4th. On the other hand I hope you received my cable, which I sent on Thursday so as to make certain it would be delivered in time.

I hope Lorene's worrying about Jim has been without foundation for he is a very fine chap indeed. On the other hand she is so absolutely young to start worrying over such things. I suppose it is a case of "first love". I am writing her tonight also and trying to tell her not to take such things quite so seriously at eighteen years. After she gets her matric exams over she needs a good rest and change. No doubt she will be visiting Musson's this summer but also if Maryon wants her to go back to Wisconsin with her I wouldn't stop her. It will do Lorene good to get around and see things, meet different people, and get different views of everything. Then she can come back in the fall more ready to settle down and make something of her music.

Isn't it hard luck about Charlie Quail? I heard that a Lieut Quail had been killed but didn't know it was Chalie although I was very suspicious about it. I do feel very sorry for his people. He has a brother which is one good thing.

Won't it be hard on poor Art Norwich to return and find his home so changed? What a terrible change the last couple of years has meant there? I am glad to hear the silk has worked into such good dress material. It is hard to realize that the value of your suit can come to $50.00. Of course I hope it has proven so valuable but that sounds a little too much. Don't you think? Now that it is April you should be having lots of fine weather in which to display it.

Tonight we are lying back at the base again. We have just unloaded another lot of patients and will move up again tomorrow. This trip I have carried a fair number of Canadians but still have to meet one I know. Naturally I don't hope to meet any of my friends as patients but sometimes it is most likely I will run across an odd one.

There really is not a great deal of news tonight so I think I will crawl into bed. So "Good-Night" again. "Many Happy Returns."



PS: I hope you let Maryon know the contents of wire - I didn't send her one but thought you would do as you did before.