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Date: March 19th 1918
Willoughby, CharlesAldershot

Mar 19'1918

My dear Mother:

Your letter of Feb 17 arrived a few days ago but the famous copy of the telegram and Lorene's picture have still to make an appearance.

I got a letter from Ralph Musson this morning saying he was being sent here to Aldershot - as he is due here tonight I hope to see him in the morning - Rather a coincidence that we should both be stationed in the same place - He only expects to be here a week or ten days at the longest as he is waiting orders for France.

On Saturday night they had a very good little dance over at the Officers Club and of course Snider and I weren't to be out of it. The people there were very fine indeed. Dancing seems to be more in favour this year than previously around England. Evidently they have come to the conclusion it is better to resume the old, prewar ideas as far as possible because every day the end of the thing seems further away.

Since starting this letter a twenty six page letter from Maryon has come in. It was dated Mar 4th . So surely I am due for some later Canadian mail soon. Maryon mentioned she received my telegram and also a letter from you people saying you had received mail O.K. I am very glad to hear they finally were delivered. Evidently they were several days late as they should have been delivered not later than Feb 27th.

I haven't heard anything more from Syd. It is possible he has gone back to France. I think it is a funny thing he didn't at least drop me a line to that effect but then he may surprise me by dropping in for lunch some day. That is his usual style.

What happened Mrs. Fawcett I wonder. It will be hard times on Mrs. Fawcett for Frank can't be making any wonderful pile and he is married.

On Thursday night there is a U.A.D. dance to be held in Aldershot but if Ralph is here I think we would enjoy it better to have a quiet evening in the mess. Then there is going to be another dance up at the Air-craft factory in Farmborough on Friday night. Snider and I have promised to go there and I think that should be sufficient dancing for this week. As I understand they are usually 4 A.M events.

According to Maryon's letter today she seemed fairly satisfied she would be able to make a Canadian trip this summer. No doubt she has mentioned the fact in some of Lorene's letters.

It must be really like Spring at home now and I hope you people are acting accordingly. How about the garage & car?

I am expecting every day to hear that the long delayed event has happened and Father is doing business in a business-like way and incidentally enjoying life.

Well I think I will be getting back to some more reading. I am doing a good deal more reading than I have since I joined the army.

Will hope to see some more Canadian mail soon.