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Date: May 7th 1918
Charles Willoughby


Tuesday. May 7.1918

My Dear Mother:

This is another terrible day over here one of the heaviest steady rains we have had. It takes very little rain to make the wind something awful. Consequently you can possibly imagine the state of affairs outside this morning.

I wrote to Lorene the night before last and since then nothing has been doing consequently this is bound to proove a monotonous letter. Yesterday I met a Canadian Major & a Lieut here in the village So had them around for tea Major Craig lives on Adimral Rd. and is a young architect. He knows Stewart while Lieut Vigor comes from Vancouver. They are both very fine chaps and I was mighty glad to meet some real Canadians again. Friday night I am to go round to their rooms for dinner.

Yesterday I wrote to Holts and asked them to forward another forty pound - £40 - to your account in Toronto so you can keep good look out for it. I appreciate Hugh Monro's advice very much He knows enough about stocks to be a fairly good judge. So if he says dont touch C.P.R. well. - Dont do it and if he advises War Bonds I dont think we could do much better. One thing certain dont leave it for the Canadian Bank of Comerce. to make all the money they can out of me Buy war bonds they give fair interest at least. How can a person draw there money again if they need it when it is once in war Loan? However I hate to think that all the times I am losing good interest by leaving it in the bank. Has extra £40 should mean about $190.00 - I would put all my present account except a couple of hundred dollars into bonds. I will be able to send home easily more than an average of $100 a month this year.

I am very anxious to hear more details about the new car. Lorene was saying she was going to learn to drive. Why dont you try it too? but I expect you will do so.

Tonight we expect to load up again and take another trip back to the base. We were fairly busy a couple of weeks ago but things have because fairly quiet lately. However we can never tell when something more is likely to start. - Dont worry about me while on this job. for I am a comfortable as I could be at home.