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Date: August 15th 1918
Mother & Father
Charles Willoughby


Aug 15/1918.

My Dear Mother & Father

Yesterday made up for last time by bringing another letter from you, one from Lorene, two from Maryon & one from Mrs Frost. Sometimes the mail deliveries may seem slow But the letters eventually turn up.

Toronto must have had another warm summer from the tone of the letters around July 20th. But I hope it hasn't been as bad as last summer. At least it is different to when I was home in January.

By now Lorene and Maryon may be on their way back to Chippewa or probably Maryon had been able to stay a little longer than she at first expected. I am sure they must have had a wonderful time while over our way.

Evidently Lorene is in as strong as ever with the Mussons. They certainly have the proper idea about her. According to her letter from Sparrow Lake I should say she was having one continuous round of picnics. It certainly sounds interesting the way Mrs & Dorothy Crossland made such a fuss about her while up there.

So the postmen were going on strike - at the best they were never overpaid and I can quite understand they must find things hard with war-time cost of living.

The letter from Mrs Frost is up to her usual full standard but so full of compliments to you two that I am sure to tell you about all she said would give you ample reasons to become conceited if ever you did, which is not likely of course all she said was quite deserved. I can quite see where you have both established a good friend in Mrs Frost. - Keep up the good work - you are doing fine.

By now Lorene will probably know the results of her exams and I hope they will be an agreeable surprise to her. If hard work counts for any thing I know she must be through.

The garage I am sure must be a beauty. I am glad you have put up a decent one. Any other kind would not be in keeping with the house.

So Mrs Hustwitt was rather expecting a letter from me too. I am really sorry I didnt write to her. The circumstances were so indefinite at first that I hardly knew what to say. At any time though she surely understands she has my entire sympathy. Although sympathy is hardly a word to be used in this case as personally I think Syd will be having a fairly decent time of it Flying Corps officers are always treated as good sportsmen by the enemy. The idea of publishing that our prisoners are so ill treated by the Germans may be a little bit true but I think you have to allow for about 95% of it being diplomacy The prisoners we take have the same idea that we use them all in a disgraceful manner - It would never do to publish that a person hadnt a bad time in a German prison camp. If Syd was an infantry private there would be reason to worry but an officer and of the flying corps is different. I dont mean to be unsympathetic but my candid opinion is that as uncomfortable as it may be to be a prisoner of war. I should say that Syd has escaped a most dangerous job for one of comparative ease and a sure thing of coming out of the war with a complete skin. I will write Mrs Hustwitt soon. In the meantime please ring her up and apologize for me for not doing it before Tell her it is not, because she has not my sincerest sympathy for she know she always had. You can tell her that she has no reason to worry and explain that war diplomacy sometimes calls for uncalled for worry from our own people.

Now, please dont start imagining I am over here needing things I cant get. The only thing I have ever found that way yet has been razer blades and I got over that difficulty by writing to Vance who forwarded out at least a years supply Any thing I cant get here and Vance cant get for me in England will hardly be a necessity.

I am now back into civilization again I finished my turn of forward work last night and am now back at headquarters which is a long distance from any thing like war. Of course the forward work is not bad in a peaceful sector like this. Now the summer is nearly over I should think things will soon settle down for the old style winter trench-warfare. The idea of a few months ago of not knowing when or where the Bosche was coming next was the uncomfortable part which doesn't worry us any now since the big show down on the Somme. The Canadians have certainly made a name for themselves in the show as well.

I see where Canada is sending an expeditionary force to Russia. That would be a fine job for me. I could probably do up some of China & Japan at the same time Leaving not much of the world left to see.

There is certainly nothing around here to write about these days I am glad to know you are both so well and enjoying life to the full. - Keep it up too - you may as well, no on else can do it for you .

Well hope to find a place to send another cable off to you soon.