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Date: October 19th 1918
Charles Willoughby


My Dear Mother:

I am quite happy today- Happy because I am back again with the 12th Royal Scots It seems like coming home to come back to them again As you will remember I was only with them for about 3 weeks last time but during that time I got to know them and to feel more at home with them than I ever did during four months with the ambulance.

Then again I am happy because of the extreme compliment paid me on such an appointment. When Colonel Murray knew his other medical officer was to leave the battalion he put through a special request to have me come to replace him. I couldn't possibly think of being paid a greater compliment and you can probably imagine how glad it makes me feel to be with them.

I started to write you a letter yesterday but was unable to finish it And today when I looked for it I found I had left all my writing material back at the ambulance so I have had to borrow this stuff from my servant in the meantime.

It is most interesting to be in the war these days. to be continually passing through civilized country after so long in the shell-hole wilderness. It is certainly wonderful to go from one recaptured village to another and see the hundreds of civilians who have lived for four years under German rule. - The war has certainly had a remarkable change since last March. There are thousands of details I would like to tell about but I am afraid I would not be allowed to do so. However those things can hang over until I go home.

The mail delivery from Canada has been excellent this week. I have had two letters from you and a third included in all of them. It sure is funny how that letter wandered away back home again.

I would like to make this a real long letter but I am moving to different quarters immediately so I must make it only a note.

Just when this leave of mine is coming through I dont know but it must come any time now. I expect to cable as soon as I land in England. There is no possibility of sending one from here at present.

Most Lovingly