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Don't know why I'm writing letters now. Just felt in the mood I guess. Now that I've started I shall probably lose the mood.

Oh, well, maybe I'd better talk about something more interesting than reasons for writing letters.

Got a very delightful letter from you a few days ago. Did much to boost the sort of sagging morale and more or less put me back on speaking terms with myself. (Is that bad or good?) Anyway, I enjoyed your letter very much. It was written in London while you were at the B.B.C. Hostel. - must say, I think you're pretty cool about the buzz bombs. You just passed them off as a mere nuisance. I sincerely hope the remainder of your stay in London was spent in such supposed peace and quiet. Certainly wish I could have been there to take you out. Some other time, maybe.

Now, I expect, in accordance with information contained in the aforementioned letter, you will be at Evesham (I think that's the plan - I'm too lazy to get your letter out of the drawer and confusion)

Tell me, what is the is course you're doing? Is it a form of electrical engineering o or what? I can just see you in a pair of white overalls (you look quite stunning in white) with a pair of pliers and some copper wire wandering around the studio. How's chances for a job as helper? I'm very good at carrying things you know.

Life, naval, officers for the partaking of is tres pleasant. Have just come back from a lovely swim. Hot sun nice sand, warm sea. Lonely beach so no need to wear costumes (I can hardly sit down now due to tender redness or sit upon.) Wish you could have been there I needed somebody to splash and duck every so often. Also, you're quite a fish when it comes to water as I remember from a swim we had at Newton [?] one week end.

Had a letter from Johnny. He's still phigging along - seems to have changed ships quite frequently and is a bit browned off on that account.

Well, Shirley, guess things is piling up against my continuing this letter, first of all I've just about run out stuff to write about, second the hour of supper draws nigh and I have a slight hunger which will sooner or later propel me to the food trough, and thirdly there's really not much space left to write in.

So, before signing off, thanks again for your letter (it's sweet of you to write so often) take care of yourself (am I kiddin? And save a date for me when I get back. Please give my love to your mother and sister and help yourself sparingly to what's left. (Charity's my middle name!)

Lot of Love,


P.S. - Are you havin' any [?]- Good!