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Who cares about the date any way!

Dear Shirley,

Retiring to the quiet solitude of my cabin I have two choices, to do some work, or write a letter. So here I am.

It was nice of you to come out last night at such short notice. Hope it wasn't too boring, with a lot of slap-happy fellows all talking at once. Of course you're partly to blame, I think if you hadn't been late, we wouldn't have had so much time for drinking.
Still, it wasn't too bad thanks to you - you took their minds of liquid refreshment.

Had a bath as soon as I got in and woke up this morning feeling fine! Fortunately - exams are hard enough without a hangover to contend with.

Funny thing about yesterday, Johnny and I were both dirty and we completely forgot about it. Fortunately no one noticed.

So now I intend staying in for a few days to make up for my misdeeds. Have to go out on Saturday afternoon for awhile - got a soccer game against the N.F.S., at Marsh Mills. It'll probably rain!

Pardon me whilst I chuckle - I just happened to glance at your thumbnail sketch of yourself on the office! Quite amusing, that sketch. Don't think it does you justice, though!

It seems, as usual, that I have chosen a time to sit down and write a letter, when my mind is even blanker than usual (No cracks, please!)

Still, I think I write better when I haven't got a weight on my shoulders! (Note; never write when standing on your head! Even if the chair isn't comfortable.)

Meanwhile my cabin has taken on an air of cold gloom. Hope it's not long till supper time. All I seem to think of is eating. I don't - er- ah- think I'm the only one, though! It's a pity I wrote on the other side of this sheet of paper- means I've got to enclose it- and I hate wasting paper- oh yes! Ever so!

Well, think I really must close now as Johnny has challenged me to a game of darts- so Ta! Ta! For now Take care of yourself. Don't get called up before the 11th


Dave XXX

P.S. I mustn't forget to post this must I? I think I'll remember- better remind me sometime in case I don't - Thanks- more LUV, me again.