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Date: March 11th 1946



Dear Shirley,

Just received your letter. Many thanks. Yeah, I guess I, am a rat for not writing. Can rats apologise or do I have to become human to say I'm sorry for not having written since last I saw you in London?

The ship is still on this side of the Atlantic. We left Belfast Saturday afternoon and at the moment lie at anchor just off Portsmouth. We shall be working out of Portsmouth until the 23rd of March when we sail for Canada. Now if it had been Plymouth it would have just fitted in with your leave, but I'm afraid it's not so I don't expect I'll get a chance of seeing you before sailing for Canada.

Have been working pretty hard lately but don't mind it as it passes the time more quickly.

It's a pity you're not nearer Portsmouth so that you could come aboard for dinner one night and have a look around a real ship.

So you're still mucking up the B.B.C. programs eh? You must be as good an engineer as I am.

Gee, two weeks leave. How did you wangle that? Or maybe they're glad to get rid of you! Ouch!

How's the family at 6, Dunclair Park? Please give them my kindest regards. I'll try to steer the ship into Plymouth for a few days but don't expect I'll have any luck.

Well, Shirley, this is short, but I'm kinda tired and have to go on watch soon so will lay my head on a friendly pillow for awhile. Be good but enjoy your two weeks leave. (I know you'll enjoy your leave!)

Cheerio for now,