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Date: October 29th 1944



Dear Shirley,

I guess I'm a bit of a heel when it comes to letter writing. I haven't written you for ages. I must apologize for this neglect with a resolve to do better in the future. Recently received you sea mail letter of Aug 30. Swell to hear from you and to know that life is still treating you fairly kindly.

Ajax has been fairly busy driving the past couple of weeks and I haven't had a chance to write any letter. I have before me a stack of about 20 which should be answered.

About two weeks ago we took a number of troops & a few war correspondents to Greece. We landed the said troops and war correspondents and hung around to supply stores etc to minesweepers. On our way back from this do, we are told to go to the island of Santorin to accept the surrender of the German garrison. This turned out to be great fun. We arrived off the island just before dawn and landed a part of marines and the Commander to accept the surrender. As soon as we had a signal from shore saying that all was well we steamed into the horseshow shaped harbour. It was a beautiful sight [?] early morning. The water was very deep and clear (super [?] I found out in the afternoon) the harbour was surrounded [?] cliffs caused, I am told, when a volcano under the [?] and land that used to there disappeared causing the [?] bay. On the edge of the cliffs could be seen many buildings which formed one of the two large towns on the island. As we steamed in, in the early morning quite, bells begun to peel and Greek flags were flown. The landing party got a terrific welcome. Little boats dashed out of from the shore and paddled around us cheering and laughing. Supplies were landed as food was short, the Germans were brought aboard and we steamed away giving the ‘V' on the siren. Last week we returned again to Greece, this time we were allowed afternoon leave in Athens. It's a beautiful clear city and the Greeks were very friendly some Greek girls - so they tell me ( I wouldn't notice of course) All this has been very interesting and lots of fun.

Having spent most of this letter telling about myself, I fell rather a cad please forgive.

How goes life with the B.B.C. "me gagcycle mechanic" !You must be having quite a good time and getting around a bit [?] Give my love to London when next you see it and

Well, Shirley guess I must end. Am having a grand time despite only being to one dance since I left England.

My love to your mother and sister and please tender my heartiest congratulations to your mother on her engagement to Eivar. Cherry bye, Shirley, drop me a line sometime.

Lots of love