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Date: June 14th 1944


June 14/44

Dear Shirley,

Have just returned from leave and am awaiting my appointment.

There was a letter from you waiting for me. It had gone to Canada - missed me and been sent back here. Sure swell to hear from you- thought sure you'd deserted me and after all I've done for you! (Can't think of anything I have done for you at the moment)

You offer of a Sunday dinner - cheese straws not to be mentioned - is accepted conditionally. - I don't know whether I'll get down Laira way before going to sea but if I should then I hope to find time to come and scrounge on your hospitality.

Your letter was very newsy and interesting, I think you must have been quite wide awake despite the lateness of the hour you stated.

Had a marvellous leave and felt quite fit after it. Of course a few days in London brought me back to normal again. Wish I could have been here when you were up in London. Glad you like it. And you nearly got married eh. Must have been the South American music. Remind me to hire a South American band when I want to propose to you.

I'm surprised the Thursday night hops still carry without the attendance of Johnny and I. By the way Johnny got engaged to a girl from California whom he met in Boston. What a guy! Haven't had a sensible letter from him for months!

Well, Shirley, ta ta for now thanks for the letter - hope to hear form you again.

Lots of Love

Dave XXX