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Date: March 12th 1944

Gray Creek, B.C.

March 12, 1944

Dear Shirley-Puss,

After 4 ½ years waiting I've at last got home for some leave. - Boy! it sure is good to get back on the farm and into civies (should be 2 "v's") again.

Had a long wait in London but finally got a passage and had a nice trip back. - Never thought I'd get out of Keyham, so really shouted with joy when I heard I'd passed. - No more exams! - Whoopee!

Well, Shirley, how life treating you? - What are you doing now? How about the low down - or is it so secret?

Pop out me to work sawing wood pretty soon after I'd arrived. Hard work- but I'd rather do that than go to sleep at a desk.

[?] has gone to his ship so I believe - Hope to hear form him soon.

How's your mother and sister? - and how's yourself. - Still single?

This village is pretty quiet at the moment. All the young people have left and are in the services. - I miss the old Thursday night hops and the swell Sunday dinners put up by you and/or your mother. (You used to cook a bit, didn't you? - Cheese straws are your specialty, if I remember)

Well, Shirley I guess I'm more tired than I thought so will close for now. - How about a line sometime (You can write, can't you?)

If, you did happen to write, send it to the address on the letter. If I'm not here it will be forwarded. Ta, ta, for now