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Date: July 31st 1898
Mother and Sister

In Camp
July 31st 1898
My Dear Mother and Sister

Your letter came night before last but I have still another coming before we are even that is if you got my last I also sent a roster of our Co I hope it has reached you all right I did not put any stamp on it and I can freely forgive you for not being diliguent in writing as I see that you are putting your time to a good cause and by the looks of things now I will be able to enjoy the fruits of your labours in a few months so let the good work proceed. If you only had your freezer down here you would be immensly wealthy in a few weeks for they are making ice cream out of condensed milk and selling it for 10cents per spoonful and faster than they can dish it out that is all they are good for down here is to charge, the melons are all the rage down here now but they wont let the farmers sell them on the grounds while I was going for a swim the other day I passed a large patch of them and the farmer gave me one it was nearly 4 feet long and weighed about 60lb and a beauty, this time last week we expected to be now on our way to the promised land but now we are living on hopes I heard last night that we were transfered to another regiment which if it is true we will be the next to go if there is a next Well I graduated with high honors to my elevation as a Corporal The Captain has taken quite an interest in me the last few weeks he thinks I am the only soldier in the bunch the fact is I have not been sick when any hard drills or anything of that kind comes up I take my medicine like any good soldier aught to. I have not seen the photographs since and I dont care if he does not send them as I did not like the proofs they made me look troubled and verry thin and I was badly in kneed of a shave so I will wait and get my stripes put on and get a good one taken. I was detailed to ast a corporal of the guard last night. I have charge of the guard around the Bridigaders headquarters so we are using the YMCA tents as a guard house and shelter from the heavy rains that come up of a sudden I stood about 30 feet from a tree that was struck by lightning Friday night I sent you some Irish stamps quite a while ago for Marshall you did not acknoledge them did you get that letter, I will enclose another give my best reguards to Mr & Mrs B. and I hope little Irene is better. They are beginning to congergate for church so I will quit with love to all I am your loving Son and Brother


has Dans head developed as much as mine from his promotion if nothing in Duluth will fit him I suppose you heard that we are all going back and the government is buying up all the pea nuts they can get.

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