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Date: November 23rd 1916
Ivy Redman
Pte. AL Privat

Shoreham Nov 23 1916
Sussex County

Miss Ivy Redman

Dear Friend

We have finished our trip now for a little while. We arrived here Tuesday night at eleven thirty. I guess I had better start a the first and tell a little about the trip We left Camp Hughes at two oclock Wednesday Nov 1st. We arrived in St John New Brunswick on Nov 5 Sunday at 10 oclock at night. We stayed there a week and then left the Sunday night for Halifax by train. We got to Halifax Monday noon and went right straight on the boat from the train. We set sail Tuesday afternoon at 4 oclock and anchored in the River Mersey at 10 oclock Sunday night. On Monday morning we went into the harbor and anchored close to the dock and on Tuesday morning they pulled up to the dock and our battalion unloaded about noon. They kept us standing in the station till one oclock and then loaded us in the train and we started off from Liverpool. We run into London Suburbs and from there to the camp here. We had a splendid trip on the boat. There were six battalions on board and also a few drafts fro artillery and Red Cross work. There were about seven thousand troops altogether and about a thousand of a crew so we had quite a load. The sea was very smooth all excepting Saturday afternoon and night and then it was very rough. I had a splendid trip myself was never the least bit sick at any time I don't know what to think of this country yet I have not been here long enough. There is one thing I am sure of and that is that there is plenty of mud here at this time of the year. We are quartered here in wooden buildings about twenty feet wide and seventy feet long. There are twenty five of us in out hut. There is a good stove here and plenty of colse so we get along fine. So far they have treated us good in England. The drill hours are shorter here than there were in Canada. I like the way the streets run in the towns here. They start anywhere and end the same way.

Well I guess I will wind up now.

With Best Wishes
Your Friend
Pte AL Privat #291983
C.Coy 222nd Batt
Canadian Expeditionary Force
c/o Army Post Office
London Eng

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