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Date: May 23rd 1918
Ivy Redman
Jael Bushby (Cousin)

64 Burnt Ash Lane
Browley Kent
May 23rd - 1918 - England

Dear Cousin Ivy

At last Im answering yr welcome letter of Jan 20th & hope you are quite well as it leaves us all well & thankful to say we are quite safe after the air raid on Whit Sunday night there were some Bombs dropped in the district ½ hours walk away from here & some more a few miles away. well dear Im glad you liked the Photos. have you heard anything of the boys lately we do think about them & would like to know if they are safe but George is the only one who writes & I havent heard from him since Jan. & we have written to him, but we know they have been very busy. Will you please let us know if they are all well & safe we do hope they are, we hear from Your Sisters that our Nephew Dick is a prisoner of War taken on March 21st. Give our loves to all at home when you write & hope all are well I know you are all anxious about the boys during this heavy fighting my brother is in England has had Septic Poisoning but is better he leaves 8 Children at home he came to see us for 2 hrs on 2nd or I hadnt seen him for 3 yrs & now dear I must close with love from all

Yr loving Cousin
Jael Bushby

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Original Scans