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Date: January 10th 1918
Ivy Redman (Sister)
Eric Redman

France 10/1/18

My Dear Sister

You will wondering if I am ever going to write and answer the dandy parcel that you sent me, Now I have a faint idea that I have answered it, but am not sure, I have had so many parcels this Xmas that I dont know whos I have answered and whos I havent So I will write and thank you very much for it again if I have once It sure was a dandy every thing was sure fine and you bet it came in handy up here in a day out, Have been up here for three weeks now.

I have been very lucky this Xmas I have got no less than nine parcel two from Grenfell five from the Shaw family one from home and one from your self So I guess I have no mail coming at all.

We sure have very fine weather out here now it has been very frosty up till today and today it has been melting quite a bit but fine weather but fine weather all the same I spent a very fine time a Xmas out here, but a very [?] New years day

I think this is all for now. Hoping you are enjoying the best of Health as I am

I will close with Love
Your Loving Brother

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