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Date: March 1918

Tuesday March 19, 1918

Feeling pretty rotten all day - Bad cold and pains in my right side. Doc Sinclair came to see me who diagnosed my case of appendicitis

Wednesday March 20, 1918

Rode down to the wagon lines in the morning. Saw the Doc at noon who ordered the "out". Visited Jake Irwin and Louis Duncan at Division in the PM. Had dinner with Jake.

Thursday March 21, 1918

Visited the Field Ambulance n the morning and told to report back at 6 P.M. to go the C.C.S. Did so and landed up at # 2 Can. C.C.S. near Harsin. Was examined and told I'd be proceeding to the Base.

Friday March 22, 1918

Left the C.C.S. at noon and arrived at # 20 Gen. Hosp at Carriars last at night.

Saturday March 23, 1918

At # 20 all day. Examined and told I'd be sent to England for the operation.

Sunday March 24, 1918

Left # 20 Hospital via Ambulance for the train. [?] 3 A.M. The driver was a Canadian girl from Vancouver who knew several Toronto girls I'm acquainted with. Arrived at Calais about noon and embarked on Hospital ship at Dover about 5 o'clock and took train for Manchester.

Monday March 25, 1918

Arrived at Manchester about 10 A.M. and were motored out to Worsley Hall Rd. + Hospital about 9 miles from town.

Spent most of the day in Bed.

Tuesday March 26, 1918

Moved down to the operating ward in the morning (D2).

Stayed in bed part of the time

Wednesday March 27, 1918

In bed most of the day in preparation for tomorrows operation

Thursday March 28, 1918

Operated on today at 7 P.M. Woke up at 12 midnight feeling mighty sick but fully conscious.

Capt McAlpine was the Surgeon

Friday March 29, 1918

Felt mighty rotten all day. No sleep last night - stomach sick and inflated

The nurses certainly give one every kindness

Saturday March 30, 1918

Still feeling rotten. But not as bad as yesterday. The effects of the ether + the shock are wearing off.

Sunday March 31, 1918

Feeling fair today and given a little [?]. Also some caster oil

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