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Date: 1942
Mother and Dad
Harry Clark


A.99625, Sgt. H.E.O. Clark,
Headquarters, Sixth Cdn Div'n (CA),
Connaught Ranges,
Ottawa, Ontario.

Dear Mother & Dad:

The above is my address and any letters sent to the above will reach me. There are a lot of things I have to tell you, but I don't think I'll be able to include it all in one letter.

First of all, we are quartered in Barracks. We eat over meals in a tent, the first meal wasn't so good, but a new Sergeant came in and he is really dishing up some swell meals. This camp is about fifteen miles from the City itself, and there are troops coming in & coming out all the time accompanied by pipe bands, bugle bands, drums bands etc. Divisional Headquarters is just being organized and things really need organizing. There are tents all around the place. We are right near the Ottawa River, and things and scenery are pretty. Will write more. I'm sending you a ten dollar postal order to-morrow, so you can deposit it. I won't need it.

The Very Best.

Your loving son,