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Aunt Lizzie

5 Restalrig Circus

Dear Katy

Just a few lines I hope you are feeling much better now and hope the baby and your husband are well also I wrote to David and told him to write to you and also Thomas and I also give Auntie Nellie your address and she is going to write and also her daughter she is 19 years old. Auntie Nellie is your own father sister and is another brother David and sister Jessie we just lost your father young brother 4 months ago, his name is Willie, he was only 28 and there is another sister Jennie but she is in New Zealand abroad Auntie Nellie first husband died few years ago and she married a dark man so Isabel take her step father name Elliot so I just thought that I would write and let you know that they were going to write and I also told them to send you a card of themself I am sorry I spoke about the childrens coming to Canada when they heard about the ship been sunk they would not leave this country I will tell you more about it in the next letter I write I will have to stop now and I will write hope you are feeling much better and all the rest is well mind me to your mother David is coming home on the 9th of August we are getting awful time here with the raids hoping to hear soon.

I remain
Your truly
Auntie Lizzie and the childrens