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Date: July 31st 1944
Mother and Dad
Harry Clark

A 99625, Sgt. HEO Clark,
Headquarters, RCA.
First Cdn Army,
Cdn Army, Overseas.

31 Jul 44.

Dear Mother & Dad:

Very glad to receive your most welcome parcel of 3 July containing all those good things which make service life more worthwhile. The socks and towel will come in very handy, as well as all the candy and gum enclosed. The oranges arrived in excellent condition and are very tasty - thanks a million.

Now that we are over "somewhere in France" as the saying goes, I will have more time for writing letters because we are more or less confined to the area. The weather has been pretty good lately. Every evening with the exception of Sundays we have a movie shown in a great huge barn. The other evening "Hit The Ice" with George Formby was on, and Formby is always good for lots of laughs.

Besides that, the Canteen has always a pretty good stock of things , so altogether every thing is pretty good.

I find that the French I learned is coming in pretty handy, and have been pretty successful in asking directions, and ordering things like a cup of coffee, etc.

I am trying to catch up on all the letters I have received from you, so in running through I see a letter dated 9 Apr 44 which I will run through and see what's to be done. In this letter I received the parcel mentioned there. As to dad's query, I do eat in the Sergeants mess, from which we have good meals and also a snack at 9 o'clock every evening. In Mother's half of the letter, she described going to Aunt Alice's for the Good Friday, and the fact that Rose looked well. You also told about Marjorie Stone becoming engaged, and about Lillian expecting, and also Margaret Gibling getting married. Yes, I did give Renée up, and changed girlfriends so often, it wasn't even funny. It seemed to me that I got bored stiff with a girl after two weeks. Maybe, I have told you those news before, but I am trying to get on an even par with my letter writing.

By the way, I am enclosing a photo of myself. Its not one of the best, but I am sending it anyway, to give you some idea of what your little man looks like.

All The Best, Keep Smiling, Don't Worry & God Bless You, Mother & Dad.

Your Loving Son -

The photo's pretty scarred up as I have been carrying it in my wallet for a time.