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Date: July 23rd 1944
Mother and Dad
Harry Clark

A.99625, Sgt. HEO. Clark,
Headquarters, RCA,
First Cdn Army,
Cdn Army, Overseas.
B.W.E. Force.

23 Jul 44.

Dear Mother & Dad:

As you can see by the address, I have left England and have landed à La France. One of these days, I will have to try out my French on the inhabitants - that should be some fun.

The last letters I have on hand from you are those of July 2 and July 8, to which I will reply toute de suite. Very glad to receive these letters and also the Birthday card, also the cheque for £4, which you will be sure to take out of my July assignment. My increased pay has come through which will make a difference.

In your air mail letter of July 2, you mentioned about enclosing a parcel for my birthday. I shall certainly be very glad to receive it. I shall certainly send the cigarettes to Freddy. By the way, Charlie Robertson in one of his letters mentioned that his Dad had started up a store on Hamilton Rd. I hope he does well at it, because he is a hard worker.

Yes, it was nice receiving a letter from Thelma. By the way, I neglected to tell you that I received a parcel full of chocolate bars from Kay. They were really good, and I am writing Kay a note thanking her for them.

It must have been nice down at Port on the 1st, and I imagine the usual huge crowd was there. It will do you both a lot of good if you can get away, and I shall also be glad to receive the pictures you mentioned. By the way I shall be enclosing a snap of myself. Its not particularly good, but will give you some idea of what your little son looks like.

I was up to see Aunt Annie not so long ago, and had a nice 24-hr visit. As usual, Aunt Annie brought me my breakfast in bed, and I laid in until noon. Cousin Ann is well as are all at 37 Woodberry. The "Buzz Bombs" bother them a bit but not too much. And for safety reasons they sleep under the table, made of steel.

There isn't an awful lot of news right at the moment, except to say that we are busy on operations, etc. I can't help but think about the French people and how they feel about having a German Army in their midst for a time and then the Cdn Army.

I tried out a "Bon Jour" on one of the inhabitants to-day and was greeted with a "Bon Jour, Monsieur" reply - not bad, eh.

Must go now. Keep smiling, All the best and God Bless You, Mother & Dad. Don't worry.
Your Loving Son:-
Harry xxxxx

P.S. I'll write Mrs. Stone a letter thanking her for the Tooth Paste and Shaving Cream. Thanks also for the birthday card.