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Date: December 13th 1916
Ivy Redman (Sister)
Leslie Redman

Dec 13th/16
Canadian Army
London P.D.

Dear Sister Ivy

I am writting you for the second time since I landed on the old sod

Say I have just come off pass a six days at that. Now my be I didn't enjoy myself well it wasn't my fault. I sure had a good time. I spent half day on the sixth of Dec with Eric about 30 miles out of Manchester he was in there a place called Leyland in convalecent I don't kow what county. They were going to move on the 9th down nearer London. I forget what place he told me but he got my address. So I expect he will be writting me before long. Well I haven't told you how I found him. He is quite well & so fat as butter. And too see him you wouldn't know he had been wounded at all. You see they had to shave his head to get at the wound well that is healed and the hair is all gown over again. His arm is a little stiff but he says it is getting better all the time.

Well after that went from Manchester to Woodbridge (Oh my) (We) have a fine 22 year old cousin. My Ivy she gave me a (real) time. I landed there at half past seven the night of the 7th.

And Milly was out well & when she came into the hall Auntie told me to keep quiet so I did & when she came into the room I hid my head down looking at some pictures. Auntie says to her look who's here well she thought I was Wesley at first then I looked up. And she said is it Leslie.

Well they looked after me fine had from Thursday night until Monday noon with them. Auntie gave me three of four handkerchiefs right out of the store & a pair of socks & Monday uncle gave me a pound. Well I am going back again if I get a pass you bet that the place for me. But it was to good to last long. Saw Auntie Polly & Uncle David. And Aunt Sarah & Cousin Eva Uncle Roberts family. And Aunt Jael & Uncle George Howe the old people. Had a week end pass sometime ago & was down to Browley. Well that is all inconnection with relations But I didn't get up to see Miss Mayhhew

I sent a small parcel home for Xmas there was a card Brooch & a handkerchief for you. Now see you get them.

Please let me know when you get my first cheque as I am anxious to know whether they have started to send it or not. Please don't delay it because I will write about it if you dont get it.

Haven't heard from home for about three weeks.

Merry Christmas to all

Your Loving Bro

Leslie G Redman


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