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Date: September 6th 1944

Sept 6th, 1944
722 Kings Road
Victoria, B.C.

Dear Alfred

I have not had word from you since you were in hospital, hope you are getting along well, I guess it is hard on the nerve, so try to take it easy for awhile Andy's mother has written to Andy to ask if he can find out how you are, she says he can get word out quicker than you can, as he sends his mail air mail and they both write twice a week, Lil and I went to call on her last week, she has a lovely home, and she insisted on treating us to tea, we saw all Andy's school pictures, it seems just yesterday since he was a school boy. Lil and Charlie have bought a new home, a nice stucco house so they will be leaving us on the 16th of this month We have a Mrs. Grahame coming in the 1st of Oct. so we won't be empty for long, she is 54 yrs. old, and works out, so she wont bother us much I hope. All the kiddies have colds, these summer colds are hard to shake. I was over to Aunt Irenes for a duck dinner yesterday. Irene did injoy it, Uncle Charlie is sending you a package of gum, it will leave by to-day's mail, so if you receive it please do not to forget to acknowledge it, his address is Mr. C.M. White 123 Cook St. Victoria, B.C. He insisted I should give him your address so I gave it to him, he was sure sorry to hear of you being wounded & both he and Aunt Irene hope you will soon get well again. They took me out to their Country Fair out in Saanichton and Oh! such a crowd and was it hot, temp. up 82, nearly melted but I enjoyed it. Amy & Bill were in last week, they both wish to be remembered to you. I have been busy doing up plums lately, but have run short on sugar so can't do any more for this year.

All the news for this time except George next door is having all his teeth out and is having a false set, kind of young isn't he. well son I hope to hear from you soon or as soon as you can manage it as every one keeps on asking about you, hoping you soon get well with all our love and best wishes