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Date: November 28th 1943

Nov. 28 1943
K57235 Pte Nelson
‘Dcoy' Calg. Hig

Dear Mom

I received the letter with the good news informing me that I am an uncle three times over. Seem to be doing alright in that part of the world. I'll have quite a collection of relatives to get to know when we finish putting the hun & nips in their place.

Give my heartiest congradulations to Freda & Mutt they sure got them coming.

Say what appropriate gift would you suggest I bring back from here with me for the kids? I was thinking of a couple of guns for the boys but maybe the mother might not think it quite alright & I sure would hate to get in wrong right off the bat. ‘Year,' & the girl don't seem to be nothing unless I steal an anti-tank mine & take out the explosive & make a sewing basket out of it.

The first batch of fags came but I owed so many that I really didn't get much satisfaction out of them. But I hope to do much better with the next lot as I have caught up with them & have raised considerable in my comrades estimation of whom I have been scrounging for the last six months. Say if you ever get around to it do you think you could send over on of those pipes I've got at home, seem to be the style over here now.

Wish every body a Merry Christmas & give my love to All.