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Date: May 8th 1943

Pagham Eng.
May 8/43

Dear Mom-

I havn't had a letter for some time now but I thought I'd write anyhow. I'm still working in the L.M. & I may be here for some time. I'm being trained so as when there's a call for L.M.s there'll be a number trained & know what to do.

There was a dance for the troops put on by the community of Pagham, for the purpose of raising funds for, Wings for Victory Week, last night. I put on my best duds determined that I was sure goin to learn. So off we starts, everybody trying to tell me there's nothing to it & by the time we get there I'm almost convinced there isn't. So up I gets soon as the music starts &grabs some Jane that looks like she don't know a lot about it

She don't but we get along pretty good & so we do all the waltzes together &only sit out the jitter bug ones. Well when the hop ended I figered the right thing to do was to take her home, so off we go & I get invited to go in, so in I goes & mets the old man whose a major who just came back from Tunisia, not a bad egg still a major.

Ive had a few pictures taken so I'll be sending some over if there any good. May be I havn't told you, but one of the boys got a watch for five bucks from his sister, & if I was to get one I sure would preciate it.