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Date: May 29th 1943

Pagham, England.
May. 29, 1943.

Dear Mom-

I just received a letter from you, very much hinting that I have been excessively lax with my correspondence, I assure you I was on the very verge of sending you the same acqusation myself, having not received a letter for several months. However I cannot say the same for the parcels which come pretty regular, a fact that I acknowledge & appreciate beyond all doubt.

I received an airgraph from Bob Lasser, he's the fellow I told you was reported missing in the African campaign, remember? I brought him home to supper one night while we were stationed at Parsons' bridge.

He is promoted to Flight officer from Pilot officer & is stationed in India now. I myself was offered a stripe but declined because I dislike route marches & schemes, which would become a regular routine if I had of accepted. I am still in the L.M. stores. I will close now still relaxing as a [?] + go to town for about 2 hrs on a new uniform I managed to get, & I do mean sewing. Thanks again for the Parcel. Love to all.

Your Son