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Date: March 21st 1942

K57235 Pte Nelson [?]
Dcoy ‘Calg. High[?]
March 21, 194 [?]

Dear Mom-

I received the watch, & the letter describing your receiving it at the other end, both to-night. For the watch I couldn't praise you enough if I stayed up all night writing about it. But, the letter accuses me of not having the gumption or civil etiquette pg thanking two ladies for their generous gifts to me recently. Let me put an end to all this nonsense once & for all. I have written to both & will do so again to ask them to inform you of your mistake (& clear myself of this injustice) you so wrongly accuse me of.

My school chum Ray Hayes wrote & informed me of his step in the matrimonial world, & the hope he cherishes that some English lass is bestowing her affection on me, as I seemed the type in his esteem which is commonly known as slow. Wait till the poor creature sets his two feet on good English soil, or better still if we meet in the old home town. I'll really show him a few wolf tricks, figuratively speaking of coarse.

Will close for now as some of my comrades addicted with a dipsomaniacal trend have entered my boudoir & are getting unbearable

Lots of Love

Ps Will write next week.