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Date: June 1st 1916
Terence Sheard

June 1st 1916

Well Terry, Old Thing

(as they say in England) - I was glad to get your letter. There was quite a little bundle of them awaiting me return from leave. You certainly guessed it when you say that leave is no rest for the Canadian in London - Perhaps I didn't paint the whole town red but it was certainly looking pink when I left. This war seems a quiet sort of thing to come back to - quiet and peaceful.

They have a song there - "Old Bill's went and joined the Colors". It reminded me of old Joe. I got a letter from him, staying at the Chateau Frontenac in Quebec, This war is certainly Hell. Anyhow, I met two officers who were taking a course in something in London and were billeted at the Savoy. Coming home I slept peacefully all the way across the channel. We had a big French "Zeppelin" hovering over our heads watching for submarines and a torpedo boat destroyer on each side of us - But they didn't disturb me any. I decided that if the ship was hit I'd swim towards England instead of Fance, but I didn't have any luck.

This morning I was out on "Tommy" from 6.30 until eleven. We got over a good many miles and enjoyed ourselves hugely, as it was a fine morning. I have got Tommy pretty well educated to the road but I had a fine pic-nic getting him past a band that was playing full blast - He evidently isn't a musical horse. I hope you get on all right with your riding lessons - I dont think it pays to take anymore chances than necessary at first, as the longer you sit in the saddle the more you shake down into it and take hold. Dont be surprised if you feel pretty stiff and sore at first.

Write and tell me how you make out at the races and who wins the King's plate. I was unable to find out while in London. You might drop into the O.J.C. rooms on Leader Lane and explain to them that I do not wish my membership to be withdrawn, but that it is of no use to me while I am at The War. I hardly think they will expect me to pay fees in order to retain my membership while I am away-

Write soon again