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Date: April 15th 1917
Ivy Redman (Sister)

Crofton [?]
April 15/1917

My Dear Sis

I expect you will be wondering how I am getting on Well I could not be any better I have only a light bullet wound on the left side of my left foot just under my ankle not much worse than a deep cut, very lucky dont you think. I was hit about six miles the other side of a place called Moselins the other side of Lerone between five & six but very few went down we dismounted at the bottom of the hill and went for them on foot as there was no chance of getting the horses through the wire, they kept on firing till we were within about a hundred yards of them and then beat it as hard as they could go and us after them everytime we caught sight of them we would shoot we got several, every time we hit one he would throw his pack off and rifle away but a lot of them did not get far, we very soon had the whole of that village so we went on to the next did not give them a chance to settle down there all that was there on the twenty seventh of march. We had been driving them steady for six days with very little loss and driven them out of three villages and several woods but there was one village out in the open which was havley wired and land to get at, so they made up their minds to change the place we got the job, we started from a ridge about a mile away on the trot till we got accross a sunken wood ten we galloped to the bottom of the hill, they turned machine guns on us and the way the bullets were wizzing around was not slow was a few snipers who kept on working knocking a few of the boys over the others kept on running. The captain would not let us go any further as he said we had gone too far already, we were the on the other side of the second town, about fifty of us on the top of a sunken road and they turned on the guns again and I was the only one they hit out of the lot, it was a perfect hell for a while, though we had no shelter from sharpnel and they were shoving it over thick and fast but they did not do any damage except nearly scareing the wits out of us and one was all I wanted at a time

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Original Scans