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Date: August 7th 1943
Alfred Fern Nelson

K57235 Pte A Nelson
Aug. 7/43

Dear Mom-

I received your letter with a very interesting lot of well meaning advice. I'm sure you meant well by it, I'm afraid I'm capable of making my own decisions, where the army is concerned. As far as getting any more grub if I was to take a stripe is all a bunch of ridiculous tommy- rot. Were all issued the same amount of rations including officers, who if they want more buy it with money out of their own pocket.

I wouldn't send any more clothes until you hear from me again & don't send any more tined food as it is heavy & takes a lot of stamps. Just send bars, gum, & schick razor blades. By the way your wrong in thinking I don't smoke, I thought I mentioned it before in several letters. You can send 300 by mailing a letter to the Sweet Caporal Co. & they do the rest.

Give my love to all.