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Date: January 5th 1942

Jan.5, 1942

Dear Mom-

I can only guess that your wondering if we had a good Christmas & New Years, as I'm wondering along those lines about you myself. Christmas was a very dull affair in my opinion, the whole company was C.B.D, & to top it off I was chosen as a waiter at the big dinner they were going to throw. At the time I was told about it my thoughts & the way I expressed them, wouldn't make good reading for a lady. However they some good, as I was changed from waiter to server, which gave me considerable more time off as the waiters had to clear the tables out of the hall & put the chairs back in place, which was a combination dance hall skating rink & auditorium, a real huge place. Now as I look at it I think the sargent was doing me a favor, rather thank giving me a fatigue. We threw very little turkey at the boys & half way through there was nothing left but pork, & very little of that. Also the beer was dished out in limited quantities, one mug, per man, per meal, which don't lead up to much happiness in a crowd of drinking men, who later walked out on the officers, as they were trying to organize a sing-song, (as a generous contribution to the men's happiness,) (too generous).

Well any way after they had cleared out, we proceeded to have our meal with the cooks who had really saved a spread for us. I had two drum sticks of turkey, & even took home more plum pudding than I could eat for a meal. by itself. The beer was a little more plentiful than that they in the hall, & I got my share I can assure you of that,

You may be interested to know that I've turned somewhat R.C. & have received a number of small gifts from them, playing cards, combs & ect, but not a word from the C of E did I ever get all the time I've been in the army.

Please don't send any more razor blades over in your letters as I have just purchased a new razor & it takes a different kind of blade, the schick. If you could just send one injector over every parcel I should be very happy.

I would be very pleased if you would be so very kind as to thank Lil & Freda for their parcels, both arrived before Christmas. Lils arrived Christmas eve. I also received a card from both them & yourself.

Would you be so kind as to tell me whether my flowers got to you in time? & whether they were any good or not?

All for this time.

Your Son