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Date: May 3rd 1945
William Hay
Hilda Hay

569 Yonge St., Toronto, Ontario

Dear Bill:

Hi sweet!!! What's new?

Oh we had our baby and it's a boy. He weighed 9 ½ pounds at birth, so you can imagine how big he is. We're calling him John Charles. It seems so funny to have a baby around the house after all these years.

I haven't written for some time, but I've been having quite a time around here playing nursemaid.

Gosh I'm having a time trying to think of news.

Do you remember me telling you about Betty & Kaye, the two girls who are staying with us? Well, about a month ago Betty went to Winnipeg with a fellow she met in Toronto, and they're married. Interesting eh? She was quite the girl believe me.

Gosh we're having terrible weather. It's rained nearly every day for the last two weeks. We'll soon have to build an arc, if it keeps up.

I did see that movie "Since you went Away" and I felt exactly the same as you did. It was very good.

Do you still hear from Mr. Charles of good old Cential High? I haven't been back to the school since I quit. Maybe one of these days I'll go.

Say you wouldn't know the Ford now dear. Your pop drove me home the other night (he was going to a meeting) and it runs smooth, and I suppose you know it isn't a two - tone job now.

I'm terribly glad you like my picture. I should have sent it before but I just never got around to getting it taken. I don't like having my picture taken. And by the way I received another set of snaps from you. I think I like them better than any you've sent.

Everybody's sitting on the edge of their chairs right now waiting for the war news to break. I hope it's soon.

Well darling I think this will be all for now.

Love Hilda