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Date: March 1st 1918
John William Law

1 March/18

Dear Eudora:-

Just a short note for the coming 14th of March to wish you many happy returns on your 22nd Birthday.

Havent got a great deal else to say to you except that am out of the line back about 15 miles or so having a rest. There are 5 of us billetted in the house with a Madame whose husband is a prisoner in Germany. One little boy of 4 years to keep her company. Have just finished work 8.30 pm. and arrived home. Call the Madame, Mother, and play with the kiddie.

Not much fun [?]. Got your letters dated January sometime and am looking forward to receiving that Young photo.

Had a good time on leave and am beginning to look forward to my next one, sometime in August or September when I hope to go to Paris again.

Lots of aeroplanes up these moonlight nights. In fact one can hear them buzzing around all night. One wonders what kind of war it will be like next year.

Andre the kiddie wants me to draw him a horse so will have to close "toute sweete" in order to save a deluge of tears and a sound beating up.

Hope to hear from you soon and with love to all.

Bro John

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