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Date: June 1st 1917
John William Law

March 18, 1918

Dear Mother.

The first page is a letter I started a while ago and never finished. I put this in as evidence of my good intentions.

Since then there has been a Canadian mail and was sorry to hear you have been compelled to go to bed again. I am quite sure you do altogether too much work and hope now that Marion is home again yu will take things easier and accustom yourself to less worry and work. Just the same as you keep telling me I have done my bit I realize how little it is in comparison with what you have done all along and unless you intend to lose what health you have left you must take care of yourself, and let somebody else to what heavy work there is.

For myself I feel fine (never better in my life) and only wish I could impart it to you.

We are now back in the line in a very nice quiet place, decent gree fields and no shells at all. The Spring is in the air and this afternoon I sat outside just to get a little bit of sunburn; the sun was so strong. A few days ago France put the Clock back an hour and now the daylight lasts until away after 8 pm.

While on rest had my picture taken with a couple of pals. Im sure I don't look quite so "tough" as the picture shows, but you can have a good look at it for Im sending you one.

The chap in the middle is Norman E. Rippon from Woodstock Ont. And the other big boy is Sandy McNeil from new Glasgow N.S. He looks big in the picture doesn't he but I can lick him. They are a couple of fine boys and real good pals. The little one Ive known since I first joined the Artillery and the other since last July when I joined this outfit.

Tell William I received his letter alright and was glad to get it, also the book "Too much married" and copy of the program.

Perhaps William would like to know Alen Elder is in the same unit as Allan Keith. Ive met him once (that is Allan Keith) just about a year ago but havent seen him since.

Well Mother there is not much more to say at present, but will write again in a weeks time.

With love to you all

Your loving son


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Original Scans