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Date: April 12th 1943

HMS Indomitable

April 12, 1943

Dear Mother:

As usual there is very little to say - Life is interesting and I am very fit.

What I should like to do is to retire to west Californian beaches and bask in the sun until the second front begins. (Perhaps flying my aeroplane on Sunday mornings to keep my hand in).

Could you send me a washing flannel and also a bag to hold tooth brush, soap, etc. - just a simple thing with a string in the top.

I liked that picture you sent some time ago with yourself, Dad and Jean in front of 1608.
Her Majesty the Queen spoke to the women of the allied countries last night. It was a wonderful talk and I hope you heard it. She spoke at nine o'clock p.m. our time. I'm too lazy to figure out what that time would be in Calgary.

Ronnie writes very good letters - have him write me another one.

I am enclosing the type of letter that one receives from parents of a pilot killed in action. One of the penalties of being a C.O. is to write to their people and it is no sinecure I can tell you.

Just remembered that I lost my Canadian passport through enemy action. Perhaps they won't let me back to Canada!

Is rationing very serious at home? Surely it can't be too bad. Our messing on board is good and we live quite comfortably. Clothing of course is very scarce. Hard to get stiff collars, etc. and the laundry service is pretty terrible compared with Canada.

We had a good Sunday Divisions on the flight deck yesterday. Whole ship's company lined up and Marine Band countermarching on deck. I'm sure my sailors don't like getting cleaned up for parade, but once they have they enjoy the show and it doesn't cost them anything.

Sunday noon is always pleasant in harbour. The Royal Marine band plays outside the anteroom and officers pay calls on each other's ships. In peace time that always meant frock coats, but all that has stopped for the duration.

Last year the ship's "theme song" used to be "Wings over the Navy" -we always played this on the flight deck when leaving harbour followed by Walt Disney's "Off to work we go" which I think was a bit of a line!

Just finished making my income tax form out for this year. Ouch!
Trust you have a good garden this year.

Love to all the family.