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Date: April 11th 1943
Mrs. Martyn
Gina Murphy

39 Bury Walls,
London, S.W. 3

April 11, 1943

Dear Mrs. Martyn,

It was extremely kind of you to send me the beautiful stockings and I cannot begin to tell you how much I appreciate them. We just cannot buy any nice stockings over here now, and one does not really enjoy wearing mended ones -though one does it! It was really too kind of you to send them to me - and I do thank you very much indeed.

I received your letter of February 17 early last week and the stockings arrived yesterday.
We have not seen Bill for some time, but the last we heard he was well and full of energy as usual! He is a grand boy and I cannot help but feel that he will come through this all right. He has certainly had some wonderful experiences and though he probably cannot write of them, will have a lot to tell when this is all over! When he comes in on leave again I'll try to get a snap shot of him to send to you - I was lucky enough to be able to get a roll of film for my kodak - and will save one picture for Bill!

We've been having some quite warm weather and the parks are looking so nice and green again. Evidently Canada had a very cold winter - we were fortunate here in having quite a mild one. It certainly helped the fuel shortage a lot.

Please give my best regards to your family - and again very many thanks for the stockings.


Gina Murphy