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Date: April 4th 1943

HMS Indomitable

April 4, 1943

Dear Dad:

Well here's another letter while I still have time or shall we say the inclination to write. I hope you are still feeling fit and that business is not too bad.

Harold and Thompson have been very kind and quite often send 1,000 cigarettes which is exceedingly generous. I have written to thank them and enclosed a photograph of my aircraft and self.

At sea the cigarette ration is generous - its when you are disembarked that the scarcity is felt. The best gift I have had so far was those well-packed tins of fudge which went down a treat - I believe Ross used to mention how good it was in France.

What sort of car do you drive now? Not quite as fast as my Spitfire I'll bet!

I hope they don't consider I'm too old to fly fighters one of these days as I think a squadron commander of fighters the finest job of all. I have a green Maple Leaf on both sides of the cockpit.

The cabin of mine is very nice in this ship and life is very comfortable (at times!). Still, I feel very fit and keen.

Did you hear the CBC broadcast from this ship? You probably couldn't recognize my voice and they referred to me as Lt. Moose Martyn from Calgary.

You should be seeing many pictures etc. of this ship in the near future as well as the aircraft, etc., so keep an eye open. I've been with her since "she" first commissioned.