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Date: September 5th 1943


Dear Dad,

Well here I am in the writing mood to-night I may as well [?] you a line to see how things are going. What is wrong with that new car of yours, it don't seem to run worth a damn, maybe if you would just [?] it and really give it the works it would work a lot better. So you are going to loose another mechanic well it is kind of tough but I guess that it can't be helped. How is the new [?] it won't be should be all right and maybe he will work a lot harder that I ever did. I won't have a job to come back to. How is the old bank account holding out anyhow you should have a small fortune in here if [?] is as good as I have heard did you win the case of did he back out at the last minute. I [?] there isn't there to serve [?] must write you a real [?] and give you the minor details of my leave with him and Mother don't you dare read it as you might get the wrong opinion of what your little Orval is up to. Well just enough room left to ask you to write to me you old bugger and write soon. Just going back for one [?].


P.S. Trust one today, ha ha

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Original Scans