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Date: February 9th 1944

Wed. Feb 9/44

Dear Orval:-

Well we finally got our snow and quite a bit all at once and the kids were sure glad. Frankie went away out near the airport on Sun. with the toboggan that is the first time they had it out this winter so they really enjoyed it. On Sun. night Wesley & some other boys & girls went out & guess they had lots of fun. Wesley started at the buildings on Tues, then during the open session he fainted & really hit his jaw on the floor. I guess the excitement was to much for him but he went back to-day & seems O.K. Cecil's girlfriend is in town for a few days she has been moved to Winnipeg to finish her business course. Hull's are very busy cleaning up their joint as she calls it. It is really to be called Victor Lunch, they want to open about the middle of the month. We had a turkey dinner on Sun. and had Ed Roney's in. We had 2 turkey's left after Xmas, so thought I better use them up. Leonard seems to be still plugging along & not getting far, it's to bad as he really seems to like army life, he even has a girlfriend he says. Victor is here playing darts he does pretty good & even gets a bulls eye but every once in a while he cheats he gets up & sticks them all in the centre. The Central hockey team beat Scott & Luther but Compian beat them, now they have to play Tick. In the open air Parks league Delbert has had the fewest goals scored on him they are just going to start the play off. The weather is better for hockey now anyway. I hear that Mrs. Kibble is some better & is home from the hospital but with a heart like she has she might go any time, she is unable to do anything at all. We have our car home again I told you Roney was using it while Pop had his truck, but they made the other truck running now & they were saying it was pretty good to, its quite a heavy car & lets hope it will be easier on gas than the truck, Pop is having this one painted. The name put on this week the new will take a picture of it. Charlie & his wife have bought a house out on 13th ave she had a little money left to her enough to make a down payment. She works now to, so between them they do o.k. After Pop waiting for Johnnie for so long in the fall now he has quite and just when he is needed the worst, so guess they will have to get someone else, but there is quite a few out of work now so it shouldn't be so hard to get a man. Well I must close & get one written to Melville, so be good & lots of love


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